Alicia Guckenheimer-Harrell has lived and worked in San Francisco as an Artist for over 20 years. Her photography focuses on images that resonate and leave the viewer with a lasting impression. She draws from her formal Art and Fashion background to incorporate design, color and line into all of her photo compositions and ad campaigns. Alicia’s work is unique in that she takes a product and creates an entire visual ad campaign from styling to the scouting of every location. She carefully considers each company’s vision and message to produce imagery that targets the desired audience.

Alicia has worked in Social Media for 8 years. Combining her imagery and knowledge of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter platforms, Alicia uses her expertise to grow number of followers and product sales. She has spent thousands of hours increasing exposure for brands like Summit White Mountain, Corso Como Shoes and Ballasox. Alicia knows what it takes to get brands on the radar.

Her work can be seen at :

Summit White Mountain Shoes

Corso Como Shoes

Ballasox Shoes

Ciao Bella Shoes

Seven Dial Shoes



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