Alicia Guckenheimer is a local San Francisco Artist. For the past 30 years she has never strayed far from her favorite subject matter, animals. Her love of animals continually
inspires Alicia’s artwork. She creates one of a kind photographs, paintings and sculptures, giving the viewer a lesson in compassion and empathy for all living things.
Alicia is an animal advocate focused on the impending extinction of our mammals and aquatic life along with the welfare of our furry friends: dogs and cats. Educating
audiences of all ages, Alicia hopes that her art will inspire compassion for all animals. Alicia’s sculptures and paintings can be found in private collections throughout the US and Canada. One of her largest animal sculptures “Unlikely Friends” is currently on permanent display at the Sacramento Children’s Hospital.

Alicia's background in singularly running her own shoe e-commerce website for 5 years gave her a learned education on how to make an online business successful.   Wearing the many hats of this endeavor allowed her to see what works and doesn't first hand. 

After selling her successful website Alicia decided to explore the creative side of the business and started her own Brand Imaging Consulting business.  Her primary focus is developing  the most beautiful imagery for Instagram, Facebook platforms, Ad Campaigns, Websites and Trade Shows.

Alicia has grown her business into a successful one stop service for businesses small and large alike.  She also has kept the prices reasonable for high quality work because she creatively directs everything herself.    Alicia is able to pull from her experience in styling, knowledge of brand placement and photography to give clients imagery that resonates to their target audiences giving them the results they desire.  

Her work can be found in several ad campaigns for Summit White Mountain Shoes, Corso Como Shoes, Ballasox, HauteLook, Zappo's, Seven Dial Shoes, Footwear News and Footwear Plus

Alicia Guckenheimer-Harrell

Alicia Guckenheimer-Harrell